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Bulgur Wheat

Bulgaring is an ancient process which also has origins in the Fertile Crescent. The process is to harvest grains, minimally mill them, parcook the grain, dry them, optionally cut them, then store. People have been using this process to add shelf life to storing the grains after harvest for thousands of

years. Bulgaring can be done to most wheat varieties, but the most common is bulgur wheat. Buzz: Bulgur is another grain process growing in popularity. Restaurants and food trucks are using bulgur because of its consistency, ease of use, and pleasant flavor. Many people connote whole grains

with a chewy, hearty, toothy texture, but bulgur is soft and pleasant similar to rice. The parcooking process makes the grains much less hearty feeling in the mouth and softens up the chewiness. Bulgur is also a whole grain. It maintains most of the health benefits as whole wheat and has more protein, fiber, and vitamins than processed wheat. Because of the fiber, it has a lower glycemic index than rice, meaning less starch will turn into sugar.

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