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Even   older  than   rice,    Millet  may  be  considered  the grandfather of Ancient Grains.  Millet’s history is so old there is no precise date on its origin of domestication, but some  evidence  points  to over   8000   years of  cultivation.  Millet as a plant does very well in arid areas, and is known as drought resistant.  It is because of millet's incredible ability to grow in harsh conditions, that it has been spread across many different cultures spanning from Asian, African, and European.  Millet  is  an  all   around   healthy grain with wide reaching benefits.  A source of  protein,   fiber,   B-Vitamins,   Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and potassium.  As an example of millet's low carbohyrdate, high energy profile, it is eaten by Himalayan cultures who live at high altitudes and need a lean energy source where oxygen levels are lower. Millet has a mild flavor which compliments any meal as a gluten free alternative to a wheat based food.


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