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Quinoa has been been cultivated by ancient Andean cultures dating up to 4000 years ago.  It is unique because it can only be grown in the high plains of the Andes mountains.  Because of the elevation and a thick protective coat of sapenine, quinoa does not need the same pesticides often used  by non organic farmers at sealevel.  Quinoa was a staple in these ancient cultures’ diets and for good reason.  Quinoa is packed with protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids for proper body function.  A diet which includes a good amount of Quinoa reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, as Quinoa has nearly two times the amount of fiber when compared to other grains.  Quinoa is also well known for having Vitamin B-2 (for energy), iron, and magnesium).  Not enough can be said about a small seed that is not only tasty but also quite healthy.  We buy Quinoa directly from farmers in the Andes, where Quinoa has been an indigenous plant for thousands of years.



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